This is a game made for the Movie Game Jam (2018). It is inspired by the film Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

This was made for two players, but you can play alone for a real challenge!


- to serve guest: Open door to let guest in. Face guest and press select, then arrows to move cursor over to the seat you want to seat them at. Press select again. Wait for them to sit down.

- to make pie: Use rolling pin to make a pie crust. Put the crust on the tray besides the grinder.  Get the meat and apply it to the grinder to fill the pie crust with ground meat. Put the filled pie in the oven. Once it’s done, serve.

- to shave: Go to the sink and choose the shaving cream icon. Go to the chair with guest seated and choose to apply cream. Select again and choose the shave icon to shave. OR choose the kill icon, I’m not telling you what to do. Choose to drag guest over to the chest to hide them, or to the chopping board to cut them up.

Remember that Mrs McLovinit depends on you as her meat supplier!


Player 1 (pie): WASD - move, E (or C): select, Q (or V): cancel

Player 2 (barber): arrows - move, L (or /): select, K (or RShift): cancel


- gastricsparrow : programming / design / art

- Micheal Tran : programming

- addagro : audio


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