A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An endless mini game where you control traffic lights, with some silly twists. Avoid car crashes and pesky jaywalkers. Try to get all 7 xkcd-inspired endings!

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD to toggle lights. R to refresh. P to pause. H for help.

Made with Godot Engine and Blender in 3 days. Sprites and UI done in Photoshop. Didn't have time for sound or music, I'm afraid.

Little backstory: MacOS and Unity pretty much pushed their updates onto me right before the jam. I was stuck fixing crashes, and like the persevering person I am, I decided to drop it all and learn Godot on the dot while doing the jam. So yeah, here's the first game I've ever officially released, for the first game jam I've ever done, made with an engine I've never heard of 3 days ago. Go easy on me ;)

Entry for the first ever xkcd Game Jam. Based on Traffic Lights: https://xkcd.com/1116. Thanks to Randall for xkcd and @XavierEkkel for hosting the jam.

Install instructions

Just download and play. 

Known fixes to some problems:

  • (Mac) Unidentified developer: System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Open anyway
  • (Windows) Cannot open: More info > Open Anyway
  • (Windows) Crash on play: Allow game to bypass your anti-virus software

Thank you for playing my game! If you find a game you reallllllly enjoy, do visit my page and give a small donation. Every cent shows you care about the effort I put in. Otherwise, just sharing it is payment enough!


Windows 17 MB
MacOS 20 MB
Linux 28 MB
Windows (64bit) 19 MB

Development log

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